About The Teacher

the Teacher is a niche publication, that speaks directly to school educators, leaders and policy makers by providing them with the latest news, expert commentary and analysis, wide-ranging information on foundation phase, professional development, classroom management issues, STEM, leadership, sport and lifestyle.

It is a monthly independent educational newspaper, distributed to all primary, secondary, urban, rural, government and independent schools in South Africa. It is the only publication that reaches into the hinterland of the country where there are low levels of media saturation.

Having been in existence for over 20 years, the Teacher has developed a deep understanding of the country’s education system and has established networks with key role players within the sector. The paper also serves as a platform for teachers to share best practices and compare notes on matters that affect them and the profession. It is a trusted source of credible, reliable and quality curriculum-aligned content that empowers teachers to deliver lessons in exciting and effective ways.
Simply put, the Teacher inspires and celebrates the teaching profession by ensuring teachers are always on top of their game and confident to discharge their classroom responsibilities with vigour, professionalism and integrity.