Winner: Excellence in Secondary School Teaching
22nd June 2017
Winner: Excellence in Secondary School Leadership
22nd June 2017

Winner: Excellence in Primary School Leadership

Robertse does not allow administrative tasks prevent her from teaching her favourites subjects: maths and life skills. Photo: Supplied.

Johanna Adrianna Robertse

Pansdrif Primary, Brits, North West

Johanna Robertse is probably among the few who became a principal just four years after she started her teaching career. It is now 10 years since she took up the reins and she feels immensely fulfilled, because she believes she can add value to education. She completed for honours in management policy and law, and this helps her in her leadership position. Although she spends most of her time dealing with administrative issues, Robertse still teaches mathematics and life skills.

Her school is based in a relatively isolated rural area — between two farms — with a 30 square kilometre feeder area. “The school grew immensely, from 250 to 800 learners, so I had to work hard to acquire sponsorships,” says Robertse, adding: “I feel proud and honoured to win this category.”

Speaking about her working relationship with her staff, Robertse says: “I am a very caring and transformational leader, and have set myself very high standards, but I do believe in empowering my staff and developing them to meet these high expectations.”

She says motivated teachers are always on top of their game; she motivates her staff by setting a good example and taking care of their needs. She also strives to create a learner-teacher friendly environment, where they have access to the resources they need. And if they struggle with anything, she creates room for them to express themselves about it.

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