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The power of Visualisation and positive affirmation

Great leaders have the ability to visualise the end goal and turn the negatives thoughts into the positive ones. File photo: Supplied.


Mind power. What you think becomes your reality.

When you study the top leaders of the world, you notice that they lead the life they desired. A good leader is in control of his thoughts and voice. A good leader is a living example of his or her mind.

Over the last few decades much has been discovered, said and written about the power of the mind, the law of attraction and aligning your energy in order to create the life, career and circumstances you desire. We’re going to explore two practical tips that can change your world dramatically, if you apply them consciously.

The power of Visualisation.

Do you know what you want? Your first step in creating the reality you desire is to know what you want. You may wish to be recognised as a great teacher, one who generates excellent results in the classroom. This is your vision and when you start with the end in mind, you can influence the outcome.

Once you know what you desire, take a few minutes to see it in the future. Close your eyes, relax and imagine how you would feel; imagine yourself in the future; in the moment achieving this outcome. It is important to hold on to this vision. Believe that it is possible. Live now, as if it were already true. Picture yourself doing what needs to be done to inspire your students. Visualise their enthusiasm.

Key to the success of visualisation, is to do it often. Repeat the practice daily. It is important to feel it as if you have already achieved it.

The power of Positive Affirmations

What you think, say and feel becomes your reality, therefore it is important to consider your attitude and adjust it positively. For example, if you start the day with a thought or statement: “Aaagh, I hate Mondays. Kids don’t listen. They’re tired from lack of sleep, and I just never seem to get through everything that needs to be done!”  What kind of day do you expect to have? Will you achieve your vision with this attitude?

How could we re-write the script?

“Mondays are exciting. The kids are enthusiastic about their weekend activities. I try to harness this in my lessons for the day. It helps to inspire them and get the most important things done.”

Can you see the difference?

Consider what negative thoughts you repeat and revisit them. As an exercise, write them down on the left-hand-side of a sheet of paper and then re-write the statement in a positive tone on the right-hand-side.

Here are a few more examples:

Negative thoughts Positive shift
By the end of the week I am tired and can’t concentrate By the end of the week, I focus on important mind tasks in the morning, and allow for fun and creativity in the afternoon.
I’m struggling to grasp this concept The more I read through an outline of a concept, the clearer it becomes
I can’t control the students My ability to create an orderly learning space improves daily

Listen to what you say, and make an effort to state it in the positive. Avoid negative statements wherever you can.

Your mind is a powerful leadership resource and if you apply it positively, your classroom, life and world can change for the better.



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