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18th April 2017
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26th April 2017

Definition of leadership

When you have the attention of your learners, they are more engaged and eager to learn.

Leadership in the classroom

 Do you consider yourself a leader?

Do you know what it means to be a leader?

Do you want to be a leader?

We often think of leaders as the boss, the headmaster or the Minister of Education, however, we are all leading people in our lives and there are only a few things more important than leading our youth to deliver their best.

The definition of leadership

 Many definitions of leadership relate to the corporate ecosystem. In our context, leadership is the capacity to motivate girls and boys (men and women), towards the common goal of great education, not only of the subjects taught in school, but also life skills, relationship building and personal mastery.

As a leader in the classroom, it is up to you to motivate your students to learn, to grow, to deliver on homework and studying and to be the best individual they can be.

 Why is leadership important?

 Your conduct as a teacher, a position of seniority, influences the growth and development of all the students you engage with, whether consciously or not. You are already in a position of influence, why not use it to maximum positive effect and motivate the youth to learn, grow and become leaders in their own right?

Leaders get attention. When you have the attention of your students, they are more engaged and eager to learn. This in turn will deliver improved results, not only in your classroom, but in life.

Developing leadership skills

Over the next few months we will explore what it means to be a leader in the classroom, on the playground, sports field and at home. We aim to help you recognize your own leadership talents, develop them and refine the characteristics that build effective leaders today.

Leadership is about continually growing as a person. You don’t become a leader in a day, it’s a daily process that develops over time. To be a leader, you first need to lead yourself. Set the example. Live it. Be it.

Welcome on this leadership journey.

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