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8th March 2017
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8th March 2017

Dealing with clutter

The beginning of the new season is not only the right time to plan ahead, but also a moment to do away with things that no longer add value to your life

Tshepiso Matentjie

The beginning of a new year brings with it a new cohort of learners, maybe new responsibilities and new colleagues to the school, but largely, most things stay the same. Very soon after returning to work, we all realise that the festivities are over, the usual grind begins and it becomes harder to tell the new year apart from the previous year. For some, the idea of “new year resolutions” is a tired exercise, because with age and experience you begin to realise that the more things change the more they stay the same, so why bother?

However, you should bother with it because You matter!! Let me suggest a few ideas to put You first and kick-start your self-care strategies for 2017.

As you begin the new year with a new group of learners to teach, hopefully your planning for this year includes throwing out certain things from last year that are no longer needed for this one. This might be old paperwork, last year’s calendar, old notepads you scribbled on, pens that no longer work, returning books you borrowed from a friend and forgot about, returning your mother-in-law’s Tupperware that you used for leftovers from the Christmas lunch, etc. These small things that had a function or purpose at the time have become obsolete and are just taking up space. Removing the clutter symbolically enables us to make room for new things that are relevant and necessary for us to do our jobs effectively this year.

I invite you to do the same in your life: remove all the things that constitute clutter so you can make room for what will facilitate your success this year. Do not wait for September to do spring cleaning in your life; do it now, at the beginning of the year, so you have a better chance to make this year more successful than last year!

Choose at least three key areas of your life that are overwhelmed by clutter. It can be your health, your clothing accounts, that stokvel that isn’t really going anywhere, a relationship, your wardrobe, emotional baggage.

You get rid of clutter not because you no longer care. On the contrary, it is because you care that you let a thing go. You are releasing that thing from your life so that it can bless someone else, as it is no longer a blessing to you — it no longer serves a purpose for you.  Release it from your life! Your hands need to be free in order for you to grasp the next opportunity with both hands. Admit that you have milked all the value that you can get out of it … it’s time to move on!


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